The flat steel warehouse, RFS-11, has been developed on the basis of requirements from the steel construction and steel trade market and is extremely suitable for managing your flat profile stock inventory. Simple commands can be given from the control console for automatic retrieval of the used flat profiles from the warehouse or for automatic loading
of flat profiles in the warehouse.

The profile magazine is a robust frame with loads placed one above the other and can be opened and closed by means of a motor drive. The drawer layout is free to configure so that the most optimal layout per drawer can be set. For automatic collection and loading of the strips / profiles, a crane is integrated. This crane is equipped with a 5 meter hoisting device with underneath electromagnets. These electromagnets are controlled from the computer system and depending on it weight switched more or less strongly, so only 1 profile can be picked up. This also applies to the Load. There is always the option to load by hand and then update the program with the new one inlaid profiles.

Technical Data


Flat Profiles (min. – max.)mm40 x 10 – 500 x 20


Drawer Net Lengthmm6300
Drawer Net Widthmm2300
Drawer Net Heightmm170
Min. Adjustable Section Widthmm75
Max. Weight per Drawerkg10.000
Open & Close Speedm/min5

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