The RS-1300 band saw is a fully automatic machine for cutting steal beams, angles channels and box sections up to 1300 mm. All functions, such as cutting angle and saw speed, are controlled by the MultiPro software, making it ideal for integration into a fully automated production line.

High speed sawing is achieved through an adapting saw angle from 2° to 17°. The saw frame starts in the upper position with a 17° inclination, moves steplesly downwards and dips into the machine bed with 2°. The angle of engagement in the middle web, depending on the size of the profile, is still 10-12°.



Mist spray saw blade lubrication

Hydraulic Support

Double hydraulic support for the saw table

Automatic Kneeling

Automatic kneeling to create clearance during material transport

Saw Blade Guide

Saw blade guide with automatic positioning according to material width

Technical Data


30°Lmm500 x 600
45°Lmm850 x 600
90°mm1300 x 600
-45°Rmm850 x 600

Saw Unit

Blade motor powerkW11
Blade speedm/min15 – 120
Hydraulic motor powerkW7,5
Blade dimensions (L x H x W)mm8900 x 67 x 1,6
Nett weightkg+/- 5500
Machine dimensions (L x W x H)mm4650 x 1820 x 3000

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