MultiPro is our, in-house developed, software solution. It consists of our Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), in combination with our windows based application. All development is done inhouse. We have developed MultiPro in a way that it is possible to run any APS-Europe machine as a stand-alone, as well as in a complex production line.

Beside the complex properties of the machines, there is a great diversity of geometric shapes that needs to be supported. We have created multiple function blocks to be able to support all of these complexities. With MultiPro you will be able to achieve this with relative ease.

Due to the fact that we communicate directly with our PLC, and our 3D visualization, our customers are enabled to manage, change and produce in a quick matter. Hence it will reduce costs and possibilities of mistakes.

Key Features

Touch Screen

Any APS Europe machine can be operated via a user friendly touch screen

3D Visualization

3D visualization off all products an nestings

Direct PLC Communication

Direct communication with the Programmable Logic Controllers


BIM integration via DTSV & DSTV+ import

Cost Reduction

Cost reduction due to the decrease of errors and production time


Any APS Europe machine can be run as stand-alone as well as part of a production line