Auto Sorter

(RA & RAG-series)

The Auto Sorter allows the fully automatic production line to produce continuously. It is placed directly behind the saw and will reject waste or short products (<1250 mm) that cannot be processed downstream. They will be ejected into one or more bins or pallets while longer products will be transported downstream as normally.The operation is unique and most reliable. The Auto Sorter will move to the saw table where pieces of sawed material (from 5 to 1,250 mm) are pushed onto it. The conveyer will move the product into position where it will be pushed out sideways by the ejector.The RAG-series are fitted with an extra guide. In case of feeding with rollers, this extra guide will keep the products in a straight line. [/av_textblock][/av_one_half][/av_section][av_horizontal_gallery ids='7021,7027,7026,7025,7023' height='25' size='large' links='active' lightbox_text='' link_dest='' gap='large' active='enlarge' initial='' control_layout='av-control-default' id='' av_uid='av-k4b030nf' custom_class=''][/av_horizontal_gallery]