High volume drill RDR

The RDR 636 and RDR 1036 drill machines have been developed for the high-volume requirements of steel fabricators. With a maximum material width of 640 mm (RDR 636) or 1060 mm (RDR 1036) they can process steel beams, angles, channels, and box sections. With 36 tools available in the automatic tool changer, they are capable of carbide drilling, scribing, thread-cutting, centre-marking, counter-sinking and milling slotted holes.

This new generation of SUB-drill lines is designed for faster production. The new sub axes give the benefit of independent simultaneous drilling. Combined with high material transport speed (up to 60 m/min.) this gives a productivity boost of 50%. The RDR is built in an extra heavy-duty box frame to cope with high speeds and minimise vibrations on the drill axes. Servomotors and ball screw spindles make it both a fast as well
as a high-precision machine.

The heavy and powerful roller-feed of material have an integrated measuring system to measure the height and width of the profile. These RDR machines can be combined with a band saw and/or autosorter to further automate the production line and produce without an operator.


Working rangeMinMax
HEA, IPE on RDR 636 (wxh)60×10 mm640×450 mm
HEA, IPE on RDR 636 (wxh)60×10 mm1060×450 mm
Angle steel (wxh)60×60 mm250×250 mm
U-profiles (wxh)80×45 mm500×110 mm
Box sections (wxh)60×60 mm400×400 mm
Automatic Tool changer12 pcs (3×12)
Vertical (Y-axis)1 pc
Horizontal (Z- & W-axis)2 pcs
Scribing unit U-axis (optional)1 pc
Sub axis X direction600mm
Drill diameter HSS8-40 mm
Drill diameter (solid) Carbide10-32 mm
Drill force21 kW
Drive performance, for positioning drill units, each2,4 kW
Horizontal clamp force4.300 kg
Vertical clamp force450 kg
Hydraulic power pack (oil frow 95 l/min)7,5 kW
Working Height, above floor680 mm
Compressed air connection (provided by customer)6-8 bar
Air consumption at 6 bar1000 l/min
Weight (machine excluding additional options) approx.17.100 kg
Machine dimensions (lxwxh)5850x2600x3400 mm