The RD 615 drill system has been developed for the special market requirements of the steel fabricators and the machine constructors and is appropriate for drilling beams, angle steel, channel, and box sections.


Working rangeMinMax
HEA, IPE [mm]50620
Angle steel [mm]50X50X5200x200x18
U-profiles [mm]80x45x8350x110x18
Box sections [mm]30x30x2350x350x16
Toolchange Automatic Tool changer 3 x5 [piece)]15
Vertical (Y-axe) [piece]1
Horizontal (Z- end W-axe) [piece]2
Scribing unit U-axe (option) [piece]1
Drill diameter HSS (min. – max) [mm]8 – 40
Drill force [kW]2,2
Horizontal clamps [mm]620
Vertical clamps 4 x1 [mm]450
Hydraulic power pack (oil proceeds 40 l/min) [kW]7,5
Working Height above floor [mm]640
Compressed Air
Connection (provided by customer) [bar]6-8
Air consumption at 6 bar [l/min]250
Approx weight (machine excluding additional options) [kg]7500
Machine dimensions L x W x H [mm]5600x2445x3530
Electrical provisions according to EN 60204-1with freestanding switchboard
operating voltage [V/Hz]400/50
connection [phases]3 + 0 + earth
protection of external lead [A]63 (slow)
power consumption maximal [kVA]12