Repair & Refurbish  

It can be very cost-effective to re-use an older machine instead of buying a new machine. APS offers services to repair or completely refurbish steel processing machines of all brands. Kaltenbach. Peddinghaus, Vernet Behringer, Voortman or Ficep.


Machine downtime is the largest source of lost production time. Used machines often suffer from faults that prevent them from reaching their full production capacity, or worse, leave them entirely inoperative. APS can repair your steel processing machine in your own factory. We have skilled engineers for inspection, repairs and resources for spare parts.


Used machines can be given a new life at about half the costs of buying a new one. We can take your machine, or other third-party machine, and bring it back to an almost new state. Alterations and upgrades are usually done as well to increase production capacity.

After initial inspection to ensure there are no major defects and agreement with the customer a refurbishment can include stripping, cleaning, repainting, rebuilding, lubrication, oil changes, renewing wear parts, doing cosmetic and functional improvements, doing a factory reset, upgrades or replacement of software and hardware, upgrading drive systems or other parts.

All machines are fully tested prior to dispatch or installation.